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I have a story to share with you but I must give you some background first.

We often travel with friends and that is the basis for lots of humor and good-natured kidding. As you readers know we often tow our car behind the fifth wheel, as do several of our friends, with whom we often travel.

One of the things which happened on more than one journey when we traveled on Oklahoma or Kansas turnpikes is this: They charge a toll based on the number of axles. When we are towing the car we have six axles and the toll is quite a hit to the wallet. Much more than if we had the car separate from the RV.

Marilyn & I often travel with a certain friend who seems to have an unusual amount of good fortune come his way.

As Marilyn & I passed through a toll booth on the Oklahoma Turnpike, we were charged $20 because we were towing the car. Our friend, who shall remain nameless here, paid only $9.50 because they didn’t notice that he also had a car behind his RV. This same thing has happened when this nameless friend travels with other people also. In fact that happens to him time after time.

Of course he never allows any of us who pay the higher fees, to forget that he never seems to be charged for his car.

Yesterday, when we traveled with Steve & Cathy, who were towing their car, Marilyn decided to drive her car and pay a separate toll, which, when added to my toll for the truck & RV, is still considerably less that that charged for a single vehicle with six axles.

Guess what!!

We paid a total of $8.25 for our vehicles while our friends went through the same toll booth and were charged only $5.25, as the toll booth operator failed to notice the extra vehicle behind their RV.

When Steve told me what happened, he also laughed at my grumbling and then added to my chagrin by saying that he could simply have told the person collecting the fee that he knew our (Name Withheld) friend and he was sure that they would have allowed him to pass without any charge, except that he had already paid the fee. I’m sure that is correct! LOL

Today, Steve and I took our trucks out to fuel them up and then took the wives for lunch at the wonderful BBQ restaurant next to the RV Park. Man that is some great food!

That would normally have been all we needed to eat in one day but we were also going out to dinner with good friends who live here in Topeka.

Steve & Cathy rode with us as we met Tom & Bernie, John & Lori, and another couple, Dave & Vicki (I think) at the Texas Roadhouse.

We enjoyed a fine visit, lingering long after the meal had been finished off. It was so nice to spend time with these good friends again, and we hope to see them in the Valley during this coming winter.

Tomorrow we head on down the road to Oklahoma City where we plan to spend two nights again.

Life is Good!

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