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They have scheduled Mom for surgery next week. I don't know whether to be happy or scared! She's in SO much pain it really does need to happen. A consultation with 3 physicians resulted in a decision that her bones are too soft for screws, bolts etc & the three fractures are too large for cement. And, as you know, her 83 year old heart is diseased and so plugged they were not able to get stents started even though they did a quadruple heart by-pass many years ago. Heart issues were a main drawback in their decision for NO surgery. They did brace her back, supposedly for 6 months, but after 6 weeks it was determined that the brace was making it much worse! So, it appears surgery is her only option at this point. She can't continue to take muscle relaxers & up to 12 Oxycontin as she really can't function well with all the meds in her system. Sorry to ramble on but I'm scared! We will be taking her to Utah on Monday for pre-op on Tuesday & surgery is Wednesday morning. Please pray for all involved to do their very best in caring for her, from the nurses, to the anesthesiologist, to most importantly the surgeon! Sis calls her the 'Energizer Bunny' as she has recovered from many health 'issues' in the past very quickly. I hope & pray that this holds true this time as well! Thanks for listening!

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