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Parked and staged for entry the next day to the Rally

Got to the physical therapist by 8am and had a good workout. They also gave me some exercises to work on later, so I have a good selection of exercises to choose from. Then back to the RV to close up and get ready to move. I talked with the state president of Newmar Kountry Klub and he said that things would get filling up fast, so it might be wise to come down a day early. We will have to dry camp for the night and then go in the next morning. We had a good drive down with no problems and arrived at about 1pm.

We are directed into a large dirt field and lined up so that we can camp for the night. As we were getting ready to set up we were told that we would be moved to another spot that would set us up to enter the fairgrounds the next morning. They were not expecting the number of people coming in a day early and they were running out of space, so we moved into several rows lined up outside the entrance gate, and we were the first one in line. After moving we got our jacks down and level and then got the slide outs extended and we were ready for the evening. We did not want to use up our water on board so we decided to go out to dinner at Applebee's. When we came back to the RV it was about 8:30pm so we decided to hit the sack. I set the alarm for 7am to get up, we are supposed to move in at 9am.

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