Welcome sign on edge of town, nice.

in front of the museum, we found this new statue...

this plaque is at the base of the statue

Stars of fame from Andy Griffith show.

Andy Griffith

Pictures and birth certificate of Andy through his youth

Poster of one of the movies he starred in.

No Time for Sergeants snap shot.

Andy's father, Carl, made this for his mother before Andy was born.

Carl, worked at a local furniture mfr.

The three prinicipals of the Andy Griffith Show


Sheriff Andy Taylor desk

We had no idea he made so many movies and recorded so...

The cast from Matlock

"Matlock's suit

Character Otis' suit and hat

Andy's boyhood home, you can find it near the watertower!

The home is a B & B now...

Wally's service station, you can catch a tour for $35 from here

Wally's station is central for taking tours of town in a squad...

Chang & Eng Burke, the Siamese Twins as young men

Chang & Eng as older men with a son each, they had...

We ate lunch at Snappy Lunch

in operation since 1923 and owned by Charles Dowdell from 1960 til...

new prices, very inexpensive lunch for us. less than $10

old prices, from the 1930's

Rebecca had the iconic pork chop sandwich! Wow, good!

Dave doesn't need a haircut today, but Floyd says, Hey!

A restored ad mural on a downtown building.

HQ of the North Carolina Granite Company

look at all the great granite gratefully garnered !

That is a lot of granite

This is a nice park. It's well laid out and maintained with large RV sites. It's a short 5 mile drive into Mt. Airy where we'll tour and get to know all about Andy Griffith.

We have all heard the statement, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do!". Well, I suggest that when in Mt. Airy, to as Sheriff Andy Taylor and Barney or Goober did!" We intend to go eat lunch at Snappy Lunch, see Floyds Barber shop and Wally's Service Station and other places of note from the show dialog. By the way, if you're a fan of The Andy Griffith Show, the annual Mayberry Days celebration is held in September. Sounds like fun ! You can go to, www.visitmayberry.com or www.mountairy.org There is also two other celebrities who lived here. Most of us "older" peeps have heard of Chang and Eng Burke "the Siamese Twins!" They were twins from old Siam, now Tiawan, conjoined at the abdomen. They were famous in the mid 1800's and farmed here in Mt Airy. They married local sisters, of the Yates family. Today they'd be considered "rock stars" and made very good living on their notoriety and tours. They together had 21 children and now hundreds of decendents have a yearly reunion here.

Another thing, unexpected as it were, is a huge granite quarry. In fact, the worlds largest granite quarry on the edge of town. The North Caorlina Granite Quarry is well known for its consistent color and quality granite.

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