5 weeks worth of icky water, you never know whats in the...

look at Dave's fingers they're greasy, muddy icky. RV'ers CHANGE UR filters...

Rebecca says, hey, are we ready to go, tomorrow!

VA to NC

We arrive in Mt. Airy, NC and the ;Mayberry Campground

106 spaces, we are in space 3 with a nice view over...

Check in at the office

our space

our space on Andy Taylor ave.

our view over the park...

Dave changes our water filters every 2 months on the even numbered months, unless needed earlier. This time he was totally surprised at what he found inside the filter jug of the pre-filter. It is icky, muddy greasy yuck! You'll see the picture, but also note this is only 5 weeks worth, due to his changing the filters earlier than usual prior to this.

Our move from Front Royal, VA to Mt. Airy, NC was an easy 289 miles! We had no idea "Mayberry was THAT far!" We drove into the Mayberry Campground about 3 p.m. and got settled for a nice easy evening of watching clouds pass by. We have wanted to come here since we passed by here a few years ago. Why, you ask? Well, because of Andy Griffith of course! He was born and raised here. He modeled the Andy Griffith Show characters and places from his life here. We are glad to have made this a short stop but, on our drive down I-81 we determined that we'll have to come back to that area of Western Virgina. In this great land of ours, there is always something interesting and fun to see.

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