Adventure before Dementia 4th year travel blog

View of rural Granada on our last travelling day (for a while).

Part of daily dog walk, all those properties have been empty since...

Very warm Thursday evening out

We got a good start stopping at Lidl to stock up, then south thru Jaen and on to the outskirts of Granada. From there the road is familiar, getting busier as we get nearer to Malaga, so we took the toll road, which was well worth the extra cash, much easier driving for Roy. We arrived are 5.30, finding the site really full. It took longer to park than usual because our area had so few spaces. 2 caravan owners offered to move their cars which was appreciated and our German neighbour helped me to guide Roy in.

We had to catch up with several "old friends/neighbours" so it was while before we could settle down so then it feet up, curry from the freezer and a glass or 2 of wine.

Next 3 days spent getting awning up with just 1 and a half sides (it's still hot so it's lovely to be sitting having lunch outside). Roy is going to tackle the bamboo again later this week to give us more light and openness, and we still have the fence to put up and lots of other stuff before we can relax completely but it feels so homely here it doesn't matter how long it takes.

Wednesday 5th Oct

Would you believe anything else bad could happen? The couple that bought Karen and Jason's RV behind us have 3 dogs, 2 little happy wee things and a big nasty one, it's tried to get at Blue before as we've walked past but it's always tied up outside and can't reach anywhere near us. Last night on way to our beach walk, it flew at Blue so fast that it broke it's collar, and attacked him, I was in the middle of them trying to get the dog off, when the owner came running out then Roy arrived and hit it with a broom handle, but not before it had taken a chunk out of poor Blue's neck and bitten my ankle. We were all so shaken up,I didn't realise either of us had been bitten, so eventually carried on to the sea where Blue had his usual swim and recovered happily. It wasn't until I had a shower before dinner that I realised I had a sore leg, it's not broken the skin but I've 2 bad marks with bruising around. I was fussing Blue later when I noticed my hand was bloody, so examined him more closely and found a tear under his ear. Thankfully, with going in the sea straight away it had cleaned it up well so it will heal without stitching I think. But we will go to Su and Ron's (kennels, Ron is a vet) if it doesn't in a couple of days.

Dare not think what next......

A peaceful few days is what happened. Too hot to do anything around mid day, so chores and shopping as we would at home then quiet afternoons. Enjoyed our first walk to Duquesa this trip, Thurs evening, Blue spoilt again by waiters. Saturday went back to the Flame restaurant, ate outside as it was so warm, excellent meal, Blue good as gold till he saw the cats, then we only had some spilt beer, nothing disastrous! Sunday our first trip back to Morrison's in Gib, which we enjoyed then back to watch Grand Prix.

So that's our first week back to our home here, and it's been heavenly. Just what we needed.

Won't write more until we go somewhere different or have a hike.

Bfn xxx

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