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We had set the alarm for 6.30am so as to be up with Gina and Grant to take the dogs lure coursing. Gina and Grant are the main organisers for the local lure coursing club and pretty well have the same role as Ian, ie have, and maintain, all the equipment and set up everything on the day of coursing. This is how we had met Gina in the first place as she had been to Brisbane to watch one of our meetings as well as go to our place to look at Ian’s lure coursing equipment, get some tips re making rollers, etc.

Their paddock was a bit of a revelation as it was about 2 inches underwater in most places, very boggy and because it had been so wet, the grass was quite long as it had been difficult for them to mow. However, despite the odd misty shower, the day went off quite well. They don’t have as many dogs as we get in Brisbane, ie about 30 compared to 100+, but the dogs they had ran very well. Our two both had a couple of good runs, though as usual they both tried to herd the lure rather than chase it and Ruby went back to her bad old habit of not wanting to be caught at the end. Oh well!

Gina gave both our dogs a bath in her hydrobath when we got back to her place and we took them for a long walk in the, by now windy, but sunny afternoon to dry them off. Once back at the van they both got on their beds, and other than getting up for their tea, I don’t think they moved for the rest of the evening.

Gina and I shared cooking duties tonight – Gina cooked main and I made lemon meringue tarts for dessert (used some of the few dozen eggs Gina has given us - she has eggs galore at the moment) and we had a cozy, chatty evening whilst watching the NRL grand final. Was good to see Cronulla win, mainly because Gerard Beale was playing for them. Ian and I have known Gerard’s parents almost since we met and I nursed Gerard as a new born baby after he was born at the Mater hospital. So, good results from my perspective for both AFL and NRL finals this year!

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