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Atlantic coastline of France, possible Rochelle

Landing in Faro, lots of large tidal pools

Final landing, Faro Airport

Our next plane was scheduled to take off at 8:35, we left at about 9:40. We landed at 11:10 local time, but Portugal is an hour earlier again, so it was another 2 ½ hours in the air. Landing was neat, we went out over the ocean and did a 180 turn to the runway. They were harvesting salt from flat made in the fields, not sure if the tides help with that or how they do it, we’ll have to investigate.

There were three flights’ luggage being unloaded on the same carousel, so we finally had our luggage by noon, at least they weren’t lost. Walking out the 'Nothing to Declare" door, we were faced with a line on either side of the walkway with a pile of people holding name signs. After walking it two or three times, we realized our ride was not there. Thankfully a local, who was looking for people who wanted to rent a car, asked if we needed help and offered to call the resort for us. He called and spoke to them, then put me on. The receptionist said she would call the taxi service. We called again, about 15 minutes later and she said he was on his way, about 30 or 40 minutes. We gratefully thanked the gentleman and went to find seats for the wait. Eventually he arrived and loaded us into the mini-van for the ride to the resort.

The scenery reminded Mike of Cuba and Michelle of southern Arizona/California. Palm trees, lots of sand and some cactus type plants. The economy in Portugal is having a rough go, so no one does any improvements to the outside of their houses, even painting, or they would have to pay more taxes. We’ve been told they look like dumps outside, but palaces inside. Can't wait to see what the resort looks like!

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