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Market Square

Bell tower

Scalpture along the Canal

As nothing happens in this place until 10am, it was a bit of a lazy start, having breakfast sitting on the marble window sills watchIng the people go by. Amazing just about everyone rides a bike, no matter how young or old you are.

We started the day with a city tour which gave us an idea of where things were and a bit of history about the place. After that we just walked looking at different building, the bell tower and in general just soaking up the atmosphere and of course buying some chocolate and some pastries for breakfast tomorrow. We went back to the apartment to see if I had an answer from an email I had sent last night regarding a tour of Flanders Fields. When we got there, the plumder was there trying to fix our problem and so was the owner so we got to meet him too. We told hIm we were looking at doing a Glanders Field trip the next day and were having trouble finding one so he got on his phone and tried for us. It seems everything is booked out. One of the tour operators is in hospItal so that wasn't helping. He suggested we go to the Tourist Bureau and see if they had anything, which we did. Same story but they did have a private guy who did these tours and for about the same price as the tour company, so we booked him. He suggested we start at 1pm because we wanted to go the Menin Gate in Ypres for the last post ceremony which they hold everynight at 8pm which fine by us.

With that sorted we headed off to find some lunch, sat on the wall of the canal eating it and watching the boats go by. That was our next adventure, a boat trip through the canals. Some of the boats were packed, with 30 plus people in each boat. We waited a while and managed go get one where there were only about 20 of us which made it much more comfortable. Funny how a city looks so different from the water than it had from the bus. We enjoyed

the boat ride and when we got off, walked back along the canal, soaking up the architecture of these lovely building and finding our way through the back lanes. It was so lovely and peaceful.

Denise is looking for a coat, so we headed off to the shops and Max went to the beer hall to try some Belgium beer with the agreement we would meet back at the apartment at 5pm. We didn't find a coat but did find somewhere to have tea at a reasonable price. Eating out in brugge is quite expensive but beacuse we are only here for three nights and then we fly from here to Berlin we don't want to buy food that we will have to throw out. I also brought myself a lovely linen tablecloth with the rest of my birthday money fro Denise. Max was back at apartment when we got there, having spent the last couple of hours on the teerace of the beer hall watching the boats go up and down the river while tasting a few different beers...he was happy, better than shopping.

We had dinner on the terrace of this hotel around the corner. It was lovely sitting outside. The weather is starting to get colder but it was fresh and crisp.

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