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I was happy to have the day off work today because I had a plethora of little detail items which needed to get finished.

My phone has a “Wi-Fi” Hot Spot function which has not been available while we are here in Hannibal, so I called Verizon to see if it is possible to get it working properly.

That took nearly the entire morning, what with waiting for a real person to be available to help me. After working for several hours with two different service techs, I was told that I must have at least 3G or 4G performance from my phone in order for the “Hot-Spot” to work. We happen to be located where we get only 1X performance because Verizon uses other companies’ towers here.

I did take some time earlier in the day to check with the staff at the Cave and get my schedule for the next week. It turns out that I have a tour on Thursday and one on Friday. Other than that, I am free to get things ready for our departure next Sunday morning.

By the time I was ready to take my truck to the car wash place, the sun was gone, and the cloud covered sky had darkened.

It looked as if it might start raining at any moment, so I decided to wait to wash the truck.

I went outdoors to change the whole house water filter and at least have that little chore done. I guess it hasn’t been a totally wasted day but it has had its share of frustrations for sure.

Hopefully, I’ll get the truck washed tomorrow morning before we head into town to watch our Grandson play football.

No matter how the game turns out, it is always fun to watch these kids play in competition.

Life is Good!

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