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Woke up to mist off the lake and frost on the ground this morning. Luckily we had parked the van pointing directly east so we had full sun first thing to warm us up. I took the dogs for a walk into the bush after breakfast - there are tracks everywhere and I came across what was the entrance to an underground coal mine at one time. The pit is now filled in but just shows that the landscape would have looked very different many years ago to what it is now. However, they still mine for coal around here and there are power stations here as well. During the night you could hear the constant rumble of coal trains in the distance.

As it was such a lovely sunny day and such a lovely spot, we decided to stay at Stockton dam for the morning and have an early lunch before heading towards Gina’s place. The route to Dardanup took us through some jarrah forest and some beautiful rolling green hills countryside and included wineries, fruit and apple orchards and a quaint little place called Gnomesville. Gnomesville all started as a bit of a joke when council pulled down a tree to make way for a new roundabout and one of the locals put a gnome in the hollow of the old tree. Someone else thought it looked lonely and added another gnome for company and it went from there! Now it is a tourist attraction in its own right and thousands of gnomes have gnomed their way around the world to finally make their gnome in Gnomesville!

We arrived at Gina’s at about 4pm. She lives with her husband Grant on a few acres just outside Dardanup. They have a veritable menagerie of animals including chooks, turkeys, whippets, a german shepherd and goldfish. We have set up our van alongside their shed where hopefully our dogs and theirs can be kept reasonable well apart! Grant was home when we arrived and Gina got home from work at about 7.30 with Chinese for tea. We had a very enjoyable evening discussing many things, including travelling in WA but mainly lure coursing (of course)!

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