our setup in space 115

Our move today was a very wet one, there's a 3 day storm cycling over us. Dave's outside pack-up and hitch-up this morning was a wet time. His new Cabela's raincoat worked wonders keeping him dry. Our drive of 135 miles was mostly wet. When we landed at Skyline Ranch RV it was dry for just long enough for Dave to finish our abbreviated setup. Whew! All of the northeast needs rain, lots of it and so for that, we don't mind a little inconvenient wetness.

We are here for 4 days, not sure what we'll do, but you'll be the first to be told!

A couple weeks ago, we noted that we had loaded our ten thousandth picture here on the journal and that we silently celebrated our tenth year on the journal. However, our tenth year of traveling is coming up on 10th of November. In conjunction with that landmark, we just want you to notice that we are fast approaching our 400 stop ! ! ! Yea, that's right! Those numbers on the facing page are the sequencing numbers of stops. This is stop number 393 and we have several more to go before the end of the year.

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