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Monument at the cemetery in Verdun

Cemetery with a stone helmet in the foreground

Monument to Maginot

Sculpture showing the French rooster over the German eagle

Window in the ossuary chapel

After our adventures in learning about additives necessary for a VW van, we were able to spend the next day (September28) in Verdun at WWI sites. A new museum has opened since Roger and I were last there, and it is excellent. It is very well done in giving us a feel for what this horrendous battle entailed. The museum opened February 21, 2016 to commemorate 100 years after the beginning of the battle. The museum has artifacts, art, and lot of film and photographs that capture impressions of the hell that this long stalemate was.

We also stopped along the way to see a memorial to Andre Maginot. I recognized his name from studying about the Maginot line, but I had not known that he did so many exploits as a scout as well as serving France in social and political affairs. We stopped by the Ossuary, the memorial for the remains of those killed. The ground around Verdun still shows the scars from the shelling. It is indeed a somber place.

I was interested to meet some high school kids from Germany. They were on a school trip to Verdun. I chatted a bit with their two brave teachers; one taught French and the other history. They had the kids out for two nits and assured me that was quite enough. They had 48 kids on their bus!

Rog turned 80 on September 28, and he was pleased to spend the day learning about the war.

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