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Strasbourg Canal

Strasbourg scenes

Yum, yum

Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral

Beautiful windows (Really I haven't posted church windows for a long time.)

A portion of the rose window

Seat of the European Parliament - designed to be reminiscent of the...

This day we are part of the blue group - following the...

Finally we found our ship - our last embarcation.

Strasbourg France

Early departure for a city tour of Strasbourg, France. We had a lovely tour on a "small" boat around the canals of Strasbourg - it was a great way to get a sense of the city. It really is a lovely city. Then some free time in the old city centre in the area of the Cathedral. Strasbourg is home of the EU's Parliament so has many new buildings - some rather interesting architecture to contrast the Gothic architecture of the old town. We had lunch at a restaurant on the river in town - not the greatest idea Avalon ever had - taking a group of about 130 people to a restaurant for a meal. But it was a Strasbourg specialty including their choukroute (sauerkraut).

From the restaurant we headed out in all directions - one group went to the Black Forest, one to the Alsatian wine region, and one to the town of Colmar (where my sister Sherril had just vacationed for a week).

Linda and I decided to just go back to the boat and relax (and start packing). The trip back to the boat was hilarious. The ship generally keeps travelling when we are off for excursions. On this event there were not a lot of places where they could dock so they literally docked in the middle of no-where. We went down some very narrow country roads and through some lovely little villages. The bus finally stopped - literally in a dirt turn around. We left the bus and trudged down a grassy path and then through some bushes. Suddenly we looked UP at a levy, and there was our boat. It was on a canal - higher than the surrounding land.

Once back on board we were able to enjoy a lovely afternoon on the top deck in the sun.

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