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Where we were supposed to meet. We were here, but the GPS...

Our group

Our guide


First stop



The arena

Off to the next stop



Inside the shop



A revival of old games


Remnants of an old movie house


Tortellini equipment

Making the pasta thin

Cutting the pasta

Filling the squeeze tube

Adding the filling

Folding by hand



Ready to eat - they were delicious!


Off to the last stop


This is mine!

The river

A real find of a restaurant

Great meal

Saturday, Sept 17, 2016 Verona, Italy Food Tour

Ah, Verona - Romeo would not recognize you with a 10-day amplified booming rock concert featuring "Zucchero" in the Roman Arena! Too near our hotel for comfort, but we managed.

After a small breakfast in the hotel we headed out on foot to find our food tour in Verona. After getting lost and going too far, a representative from the tour office found us. She was on a bicycle - a conveyance used by many in this city. She and her bike walked with us and we met up with our guide, Graziano and the other two people on the tour about half a mile from where we had drifted off to. We had actually been at the meeting place, but the GPS led us astray. Our companions were gracious and we all began the tour with a slight introduction to Verona and more importantly, a cup of espresso. Next, came a view of the Roman Arena followed by a taste of ham and cheese. We were wined and dined as we slowly walked through Verona. The best part was our second last stop at a hand made tortellini shop. While a machine squeezes the pasta to an ultra thinness, it is the cutting and folding that is all done by hand. The finished product, with several different fillings to sample, was delicious! Our last stop was for gelato and then we headed back to the hotel to rest up. Dinner that night was at a wonderful outdoor restaurant, “Osteria Dal Cavaliere.”

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