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OTFW--Episcopal Church


Dam on Arkansas River

Our campsite was right on the river





Tug and two barges approaching lock...

...in lock at lake level...

...in lock at river level...

...leaving lock


sunrise at Amarillo Elks Lodge



Entrance to NRA CG


only wildlife we saw due to heavy thunder boomers

Drivers Log

Fuel Stop—Shell Truck Stop, Fulton, MS—Sept 17

This Leg—77.095 gallons, @ $2.129 = $164.14

Traveled 485 miles on 68.5 gallons for 7.1 MPG


Fuel Stop—OnCue, Oklahoma City, OK—Sept 19

This Leg—96.261 gallons, @ $1.959 = $188.58

Traveled 633 miles on 87.84 gallons for 7.2 MPG


Fuel Stop—Raton Truck Stop

This Leg—85.38 gallons, @ $2.299 = $196.29

Traveled 478 miles on 75.5 gallons for 6.3 MPG


Sat Sept 17—Auburn to Tupelo, MS—255 miles, overnight at Barnes Crossing RV Park.

Sun Sept 18—Tupelo to Conway, AR—276 miles, overnight at Toad Suck Park. 50AMP with water, dump on site, $10.00 with Senior National Parks Pass. Here’s the legend on how Toad Suck got its’ name: There was a ferry, actually a skiff just large enough for the operator and a horse and rider, propelled by a pole, across the Arkansas River here. A riverside tavern was built and some well known people used the ferry including Sam Houston, Washington Irving, Zachary Taylor, and Jeff Davis. Heavy drinking at the tavern caused a passerby to remark “Those fellows suck at a bottle ‘till they swell up like toads”. So the name Toad Suck came into being.

Mon Sept 19—Conway to Lake El Reno—351 miles, overnight at Lake El Reno CG. 50AMP FHU, $20.00.

Tues Sept 20—Lake El Reno to Amarillo, TX—238 miles, overnight at Amarillo Elks Lodge 938. 50AMP with water, $15.00

Wed Sept 21—Amarillo to Raton, NM—235 miles, overnight at National Rifle Assoc. Whittington Center—50AMP FHU $30.00. The Whittington Center is a 35,000 acre complex with shooting ranges of various distances for all kinds of firearms. Our campsite was located about 1 1/2 miles from the registration office amidst pinion pines, sage brush, and oak trees. We were hoping to hear elk bugleing, but a two thunder storms put the kibosh on that.

Thur Sept 22—Raton to Pueblo, CO—135 miles, arrived at Newmar Rally

Auburn, AL to Pueblo, CO—1490 miles

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