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On the Vaporetto heading to the train station. Last look at our...

Anne talking with Catherine

Venice train station

Sleek trains

On board and ready to go to Verona


Leaving the station

In Verona waiting for a taxi

Our hotel


They play up the Play

Our balcony

An Italian Rock Star was booming at the arena

Dinner on our first night

Classic architecture

Boiled meat! UGH!

More to our liking - cured!

Next morning breakfast

Neat succulent garden wall

Close up of the garden wall

Friday, Sept 16, 2016 Traveling to Verona, Italy

Our luggage was ready for us in the terminal building and we rolled it on the short walk to the vaporetto station. Danny and Catherine, two of the people we had met at the Chef’s Table last night were also heading to the train station. We proceeded to track 4 where the sleek train was waiting for us. A “porter” (more like a street person) had conned us into letting carry and let him place our heavy bags on an overhead rack and it later took some help from other passengers to get them down and stowed between the backs of the seats. It was a fast ride and soon we were in Verona where we had to bump our suitcases down two flights of stairs to get to the street level where we waited for a taxi and arrived at the Giulietta & Romeo hotel which was not too far from the old Roman Arena. We soon learned, by the thumping beat of a rock band emanating from this arena, that there would be ten days of a concert by none other than the Italian heart throb, Zucchero. The concierge recommended a restaurant for dinner and made a reservation for us. It was a huge place with both a main floor, was well as a basement where we were seated. One of the featured items on the menu was “Boiled Meat” which was served from a stainless steel wagon and carved by the chef/owner. It looked gross to us, but the patrons seemed to like it very much. We had more conventional food like pumpkin raviolis and a huge rack of lamb chops. Next morning we had breakfast in the hotel’s lovely breakfast room where a wall hanging of succulents brought the outside inside.

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