We arrive at Timothy Lake park, near Bushkill, PA on the east...

Very seldom do we transfer parks on Sunday, but this time it couldn't be avoided. However, this trip was 230 miles and fairly easy, straight south. Well almost, there was that little problem going thru a little town and we were confronted with a low railroad bridge sign that indicated it was 12' 8" and since we are 12' 10" tall, we just weren't going to fit! Dave happened to be driving at the time, he put the skidders on and evaluated the situation. Luckily, there was a driveway to a big parking lot on our right, with a short 10 foot backup, we bailed to the right and checked out the GPS mapping. In any event, we got out of the situation and outta that town! Whew! RV'ers you gotta know your exact height or you could get caught in a fix by leaving your air conditioners smashed up in a heap under a bridge! And don't take the coach manufacturers word for it. Here's what you do, park your coach on a level pad. Using a straight 2X2 or 2X4 about 6 - 8 feet long, place the board on top of your tallest piece of equipment (usually the air conditioner). While the board is hanging over the edge of the roof, hold it tight, put a level on top of it, have a person on the ground measure using a tape measure from top of the board to the ground. Deduct the width of the board, presto! That's the true height of your coach.

OK, now back to our move, from NY to PA. We are now on the far eastern side of PA near the Delaware River. We're only going to be here for 8 days and we have a couple things to see and do.

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