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Patmos Greece, definitely need a gander at the map to find this one. I is one of the Greek islands that has a population of just under 3 000. Why are we here? Considered the home of John the Apostle and declared a World UNESCO site. Aside from that, it is the quintessential perfect little Greek village. We tendered over to the island - fortunately on hired tenders, not the life boats from the ship - and wandered and just fell into the pace of life where we practically walked from one end of the island to the other, then landed in the main square. A cute little eatery to have a glass of rose and a sandwich and people watch for a couple of hours.

the rest of the day will be blogging, sunning, napping, meeting the new passengers and just about nothing else. Dinner at the Italian restaurant tonight.

Did manage to make changes to our excursions, where we've cancelled all of the ones for the Greek islands (Mykonos, Rhodes and Cypress) and switched out the Jerusalem one to a shorter event. I'll do an extra day on excursion, while Brian has decided to explore the seaport town of Haifa, where we actually dock. A couple can only stand so much togetherness.

The interesting this is that my Greek has not improved one iota, as all the Greeks want to practice their English, which they all speak extremely well.

That's it for now.

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