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Nebraska - checked! (My 50th state but the camper is still missing...

Goodnight, sun!

Even though I am in Nebraska, I have had a pretty fabulous day.

It all began when I woke this morning. I stepped out of the camper and saw my friend, Karl, talking with folks in the site next to his. The first words he said (I think, though there may have been a “good morning” first) were “I have a whole pot of freshly brewed coffee ready.” There are no finer words to hear first thing in the morning. In fact if I ever win the lottery, I’d just as soon not know that until after I have had at least one cup of coffee.

At some point last night, just before sleep, I had considered the possibility we would sit and drink coffee together this morning. Sharing leisurely coffee is one of life’s major luxuries in my opinion, and it is something I have really missed this summer. Bill doesn’t drink coffee so my opportunity to do that at home is whenever the world’s best neighbors, David and Eva, arrive for a few days’ stay in their mountain getaway next door to our house. They have been there a few times this summer and I have sorely missed being their morning coffee visitor…..not to mention their afternoon happy hour visitor! I have had a few mornings off from rangering when I have sipped coffee to my heart’s content but not with anyone else. Neither Madeline nor Linda drinks coffee, and usually on my days off they went in to work. So companionship and coffee (freshly ground before being freshly brewed) was a special treat.

After coffee Karl, America the Wonderdog, and I went for a walk. I know Karl tries to walk America several times a day even when they are traveling but a long walk is not easy for him. He has back problems so I wasn’t expecting a very long walk but we went quite a distance. I didn’t pay attention to the time so I don’t know how far but I am guessing maybe five miles. Then Karl and America opted for a nap so I went the other direction around the lake just to see whether I could make an entire loop hike. I believe it is physically possible but not legally so – there was a no trespassing sign after two miles. It might take about seven miles to circle the entire lake but the two out-and-back hikes have been plenty for me today.

I started trying to remember the last totally relaxing day I've had. It has been a while! While being a park ranger was pretty cool, it was also a lot of work. Traveling since then has been fun but I have been squeezing in either a lot of activity or a lot of driving just about every day. Today though, I had an entire day of relaxing. Coffee I didn’t even have to make, hiking, breakfast (a Tastefully Simple peanut butter quinoa bar) and lunch (tuna and crackers) with no cooking… and now time to sit in the shade and journal while looking out over the lake. I should remember to do this more often. So....maybe Nebraska isn’t so bad after all.

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