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Pic of Helicopter being pulled by trucker

Trump started building the wall - Mexico is about 100 yards away

Oil Pumps of TX

Oil Pumps in TX

Military Helicopter being pulled by a trucker

Trump has started the wall - Mexico is about 100 yards from...

Dave and I decided that we were just going to press onward towards home today - we had a 7+ hour drive to Fort Worth, TX where we stopped for the night. We knew we were not stopping anywhere - so we decided to just make a day of looking out the window at the sights. We saw hundreds of oil pumps all over TX. Many were in El Paso and Odessa. The speed limit was 80MPH. Finally I could go 80 without Dave telling me to slow down!

We were making great time on Interstate 10 through Texas when all of the sudden there appears a long line of cars and trucks ahead of us. We were in a Border Patrol Checkpoint line. The Mexico border was about 100 yards from the road - and I guess they were making sure we did not have any "green shins" in our car. We knew we were safe from that - but when they had the patrol dogs going up to the cars - I thought that was odd. Do they have dogs that can smell Mexicans now? If they were looking for drugs, it would not be a Border Patrol. Oh well - anyway, we had a Mexican Border Patrol agent asking if we were US citizens and if we were alone. Duh.

We rented a Chevy Traverse SUV. Dave has discovered that there is a magical brake on the passenger side of the car. He hits it several times when I drive. I don't understand, I'm a good driver!

I also have noticed that Dave has a bathroom fetish. I was told it was an issue that happens to men when you get older - but really - he goes to every rest stop bathroom, every restaurant bathroom, every gas station bathroom, every chance he gets - sometimes twice. I know for sure that you cannot have to go that many times. The jury is still out on this and I have lost count on how many times he has gone on this trip.

We plan on getting to Tuscaloosa, AL tomorrow and Atlanta, GA on Friday. We are hopeful to get to visit one of Dave's cousins on his dad's side that he hasn't seen in over 30 years. I think it's time!

Until tomorrow ... Love you all!

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