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Today we camped at a free spot next to a fire. We are going to Perth for 1 night then we are heading off to Bali for eight nights. The flight took 3 hours and thirty minutes. When we first got in Bali it was VERY hot.We stayed in a hotel named Melasti Beach Bungalow and Spa. It has two deep swimming pools and we got to choose our own breakfast. Waterbom Park is the second best water park in the world. There is one slide that you stand straight and then it counts down 1,2,3 then you drop and it only takes 3 seconds then you are at the bottom. My favorite ride was the Twin Racers where we got to race each other on mats. The scariest was the Boomerang ride.

We had a relaxing day in the pool. My dad taught me how to dive into the pool. Now he says I'm better than him. That afternoon we release baby turtles into the sea. Kata Beach Sea Turtle Conservation volunteers collect the eggs that the turtles have laid on the beach then put them in the hatchery. This is to protect them from predators such as dogs and lizards. About 50 days later the eggs hatch. We were given a turtle and I named him Pike. We walked down to the beach to release our turtles into the ocean. There were 800 1 day old baby turtles released that day. Pike won the race because he was first into the ocean. Turtles can live up to 100 years. The lay up to 100 eggs each time. Only 1 in 100 turtles will survive at sea.

After the turtles, we headed off to have dinner and watched AFL Hawthorn Hawks vs Geelong Cats in the Qualifying Final. For dinner I had fish & chips. 4th quarter Geelong were leading by three points then Hawthorn stole the ball then w with only three seconds Isaac Smith marked it inside 50 and kick but he got a point and Geelong won. The next day we met up with Mum's good friend and had lunch, dinner and swam. We also met up with Mum's aunty Judith & her cousin in Bali.

On the way back from Bali to Perth we saw a lovely sunset from the plane. It was an orange sky.

Then we went back to a caravan park for 1 night in Perth then we are going to Kalgoorlie for two nights. Kalgoorlie is famous for gold mining. Our tour guide took us to a view point of a gaint super pit which was 600m deep and 3 and a half km long. The diggers were the biggets trucks and the wheel was bigger than our car.

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