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Umbria was eventful in the fact that we did not have any events planned. We sailed overnight through a tremendous storm and arrived in port with no signs of it abating. Since we didn't have any plans we where in no rush to go anywhere fast. A leisurely breakfast and a bit of napping and reading and the skies cleared. We took our trusty umbrella and sunglasses (habits well honed by Vancourites)and headed for the short walk into town. Almost by accident we slipped through literately a crack in the wall - all these towns are surrounded by walls - to land in a magnificent square where, because of the earlier rain, there was no one in sight! There was the typical church and statue, a monument that I'm sure was meaningful, but I have long since reached my capacity for historically significant figures, but the cool thing is that it was all bathed in sunlight and freshly washed and shiny from the rain. Pretty neat. We wandered some more and found the main shopping street. A couple of more reasons why there didn't seem to be anybody around is that it was a Monday and a large number of places are closed on Mondays and secondly it was mid-afternoon where the few spots that were operating actually close from 2-5. It was just interesting to just wonder around. Then the heavens opened and it started to rain, no I should say pour down buckets. We ducked into a coffee shop to wait it out. An hour later and a caffeine buzz that would defy sleep for the next 24 hours we gave up on the idea of walking back to the ship and called a cab. Not sure if this is significant but it turned out to be number 13. We get to the port in 5 min but have to clear security and its still raining. Its also been raining so hard for so long that the drains are al backing up and there is now a 500 meter walk from the security gate to the ship which is under 15 cm of water. Well boys and girls, there is no option as the ship will sail with out without you. So off we trudge literally getting soaked to our skivvies by the time we get on board. It was the most fun I've had in ages!!

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