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Up and out early again this morning for my 7:20am physical therapy appointment, but no one was there. Called Charlotte and she checked my schedule and today was supposed to be at 9am, so I waited in the parking lot. Meeting with Jeff again and he started working on my back again, rubbing and pulling, poking and prodding, rubbing and pulling. He then had me do the exercise he had shown me yesterday and then added a couple of more. I am supposed to be doing these every day at home (RV). Then he finished with the rubbing thing. My back had been a little sore from the MRI the night before, but by the time he was done I was feeling great. I wish that the feeling would last all day, but by the late afternoon I am feeling a little sore.

Drove back to the RV and had breakfast and worked on the blog and bills and some other projects. Trying to catch up on the blog but it takes me a long time to write. Did a few exercises in the afternoon.

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