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Up early this morning so that we can make my 8am appointment for my physical therapy. This morning I was assigned to Jeff and he asked me many questions and felt up and down my spine. Then he had me lay down on my side and started working my back, rubbing and pulling, poking and prodding, and rubbing and pulling again. Then he had me do a couple of exercises, which I need to keep doing, and then back to the rubbing and pulling. By the time I walked out I felt like a new man.

Then we came back to the RV to eat breakfast. Charlotte had work to do and I did some research on parts I needed for the RV. In the afternoon I went on a drive to see what had changed in the city and to stop at Trader Joes and pick up some things and then back to the RV for linner. We left at 6:30 to get to the Imaging Center for my MRI. An hour holding still, laying on my back in a small tube while it took my picture. By the time I got up my back was sore again, but I have PT appointments for the next two days.

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