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from Charlotte .... Wayne asked me to do the next three days cuz it's mostly about our time in Denver that was wrapped around family and friends since we lived in Colorado Springs for about 10 years and my Chandler cousins, Pam lives in Boulder and her brother, Robin, lives in Denver. We've kept in touch all these years.

The day started with a lunch meeting with James and Kellie who are good friends from Colorado Springs. He and Wayne have kept their friendship going since we've been in California so it was imperative we see them. Unfortunately, James just got a job in Dallas and was leaving in a few days. So we managed to meet halfway between Denver and Colorado Springs for a long lunch at Red Robin. They brought their only child of the six they have as he's the only one left at home and we got to see him as a young man. The last we saw him, he was a little kid. It was great sitting around the table talking about memories, their new plans, and our trip.

The afternoon was spent with my cousin Pam who lives in Boulder, which is about an hour's drive north. I went to University of Colorado at Boulder for my freshman year when I first came back to the States from Germany. My brother was at the University too. We saw a lot of our Uncle Bob and Aunt Shirley when we were here. I remember Pam and Robin as two kids jumping around their family room. Aunt Shirley just died this year which was a big loss. She was so much a part of my life here when I went to college. I'd take a bus from Boulder down to her house, walk right in, "Hi Aunt Shirley," and then to the refrigerator to get something to eat. That's how comfortable she made me feel. So I have special feelings for the family.

As Pam was coming for the afternoon, of course I had to clean up the RV to make it look good. We had to wait for her in a parking lot outside Buckley Air Force Base as it's a big thing to get in without an ID card. I drove with Pam onto the base and we sat outside in beautiful Colorado weather -- warm, sunny, not too much wind. She gave me a painting that my Mom had done of Uncle Bob. What a gift.

Wayne joined us and we had a great talk. Pam is a midwife and teacher and is involved with an organization that sends her all over the world to help midwives learn techniques to save the lives of newborns. She's been in Afghanistan, Turkey, Africa, South America and has an office in Boulder. She's not doing as much delivering babies now as she did before as she is traveling. What a great time listening to her describe some of her "adventures" while nibbling on humus and chips. We finalized plans for us to come up to her house in Boulder for a BBQ in her backyard.

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