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So far Barcelona has been awesome.

Our train was delayed at the border for unknown reasons, but I saw the conductor throwing people off the train and people running along side trying to get on. Was quite funny. We arrived in Barcelona at 11pm to find the entire train station closed. Luckily I had written down the addresses of some hotels I found on the internet and took a taxi to the first one. As Shelly ran inside to check for availability I waited out at the cab. The hotel was awesome, very modern and clean. Luckily they had a room available. A 4 Star hotel, fully loaded, room service (I had a pillow delivered at 1am), marble bathroom, elevator :) ... FOR 55 euro!!!! Nearly the cheapest room we have had in all of europe, and its a frickin 4 star hotel. A very nice way to end our trip. We have the room until the day before we leave, but hopefully they get some availability before we have to move. We did find another place, not as nice, but right on la rambla, which is like third street prominade in santa monica multiplied by 1000, no kidding either... Barcelona is quite large and packed with people. Everyone here is very nice though, very hospitable. It is very nice being able to communicate, though like preschool children, with the people here and we have gotten quite a lot of smiles. We just walked around seeing the sights, taking pictures, shopping and taking in the city. The prices here are very cheap compared to the rest of the places we have been. Lunch was not that great (Jons choice), but we are going to eat paella and drink plenty of sangaria and for dinner. After that we may go out for the evening and enjoy ourselves.

Tommorrow we plan to hit the beach for the day.

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