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The desert vistas are constantly changing

Nice ranch along a creek


More cattle than crops but some alfalfa/hay fields

Glad to see US doing animal crossings now - first saw these...

Long straight roads out here


Usually see these in ranching museums

Interesting rock formations

Drove thru a really nice tunnel in the middle of the desert

Up, over & down Emigrant Pass

Lots of mining activity around Elko & Winnemucca

Saw lots of dust devils


Truckee River & the Sierra Nevadas in the distance

Home for 4 nites - nice park but all astroturf

Scheels sporting goods - unbelievably huge!

Their animal diarama beats any at Cabelas or Bass Pro

Speaking of Cabelas - they have a nice big horn sheep sculpture

And a nice African diarama

Cool car!

So nice to get together with family!

We didn't unhitch in Jackpot so we were on the road before 9:00 yesterday morning. You would think there's not a lot of see in the desert - & there's not much man-made to see - but we find the desert fascinating. And the mountain views are constantly changing. We did end up on I-80 - guess you can't go to or from California without being on I-80.

We'd planned to stop in Winnemucca for the nite but were in the groove rollin down I-80 & it was only around noon when we got to Winnemucca so we decided to just keep going. We got to Sparks before 5:00. It was the longest day of driving we've done on our whole 6-month trip - 400+ miles. But we were all set up in a nice spot in Sparks Marina RV Park in time for dinner. This is a nice park & very well kept. First time we've stayed in a park that is all astroturf - looks nice but not too dog friendly. They have several good-sized dog parks that are sand/gravel. We're parked right next to one of the dog parks but of course Callie doesn't like that one so we have to walk her across the park to the others. Ha!

This morning we took our time getting up & around & then went out for breakfast. We went to the Scheels sporting goods store that's just behind us here in Sparks - have never seen such a huge store. It has a pontoon plane hanging from the ceiling & has a ferris wheel in the middle of the store! It's really 3 or 4 2-level stores in one building. We were looking for a stainless steel portable grill & couldn't believe they didn't have hardly any grills. We found a Bed Bath Beyond a few miles away & a Home Depot near that - still no luck. So we drove out to Cabelas at Boomtown - clear across Reno & out the other side. They'd been sold out of their stainless steel grills for a long time. We finally figured out that the reason no one has them is because it's the end of the season! We did stop by Lowes on the way home "just in case" but no luck there either. So we did a lot of running around for nothing.

This evening we met family at Great Basin Brewing Co - nephew Michael & wife Melissa Sims & niece Susan & husband Scott & daughter Kate Smith. (Susan Sims Smith & Melissa Smith Sims - bet sisters-in-law swapping maiden & married names like that doesn't happen too often!) They've followed our brewpub travels across the country so chose a brewpub for our get-together. David liked their beer enough to have his growler filled. Ha! We had a great visit - wish we could get together more often but will just enjoy each time as it comes.

Think we're headed for Virginia City tomorrow. More later...

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