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Today I ran the Bozeman Half Marathon. I was worried about two things. First my left leg is still a bit gimpy. Secondly, the race started at 5500 feet in elevation. Offsetting those factors was the race course which was a gradual downhill.

All of the runners were bused from the finish in downtown Bozeman to the start at a point south of town. It was a chilly morning when we reached the start just before seven in the morning. The sunrise view from the start was neat.

We started right on the dot at 8 and drifted around some rural roads above the town with an ongoing view that fit the big sky reputation of Montana. It didn't take long to feel the effects of the altitude and I had to slow my pace. This is a relatively small race and I was near the back of the pack so we got spread out as the race continued and there were not many runners around me from the mid point on.

As promised the course maintained a gradual downhill and that helped as we entered the town and came down a tree lined street until we hit Main Street and the turn for home. I managed to finish in a time that was a few seconds better than my Tacoma Narrows time. So it was a good run.

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