Rosilea's and Patty's Route 66 adventure 2016 travel blog

looking down from the trail to the Lewis and Clark Caverns

Some of the formations within the caverns

Formations inside the caverns

Damage done by a CCC worker looking for another 'room'

more formations

Picture of the valley from the trail away from the caverns

From Deer Lodge, we headed towards Bozeman with a stop at the "Lewis and Clark Caverns."

Believe it or not Lewis and Clark never set eyes on this place! It was discovered by two local ranchers. The trip up to the caverns was the hardest part, it was 3/4 of a mile with a rise in elevation of about 400 feet. I was happy to see that I wasn't the only one having trouble climbing up. I ran into 3 men who were also struggling with the climb. Two were from Oregon. I'd like to use the excuse that we were not used to the elevation, but I think it was because we were just out of shape (ha! Ha!). Rosalea had to turn back, hopefully she won't miss out on anything else. The trip up was well worth the effort. My pictures are not great, but you'll get the idea.

After the caverns we continued our drive to Bozeman where we will spend the weekend. Most everything is closed on Sunday, so we have decided to make Sunday a 'day of rest.'

We arrived in Bozeman in time to visit 2 quilt stores.

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