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Pilgrim's End of Journey


Looking across to Celtic mount


Marker 00

Lands End

Lighthouse guarding End of the World

The One that guards us all

When I first thought of walking the Camino, it was really Finisterre that called to me. I thought that, somehow, if I walked to the End of the world, reached out into the abyss, I might somehow feel closer to the one I lost.

Turns out..... It is true.

I scrambled down the granite boulders, found a crevice, and slipped in the program from Clinton's service I brought all this way. I had folded it into an arrow, the yellow and blue of the program mirroring the Camino colors, and pointed it out to sea.

When Clinton & I used to walk together, he would sooner or later thrust out his arm in exasperation as I seemed always to end up a step ahead. " Elizabeth- slow down!" Sometimes, he even accused me ( with one eyebrow raised) of teaching my horse to try and break in front of his...

Along the Camino, several things happened to finally make it clear to me. In the struggle to accept the loss of those we love, it is perhaps not so much about " letting go" as about letting them go...... First.

I am second.

I am second, Lord. Think I get it.

This ends my journal, but not my journey.. I will continue to walk the journeys the Lord sets in front of me.

"Buen Camino" to all of you dear family and friends- good journey to each of you.

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