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Arriving in Split

Breakfast in our room

We were docked in Split

Walking into town

Through the Brass Gate of Diocletian's Palace

The town is within the palace walls

It was easy to get lost



Still wandering



We found the restaurant, The Olive Bar!

Great lunch


The Olive Bar

Despite the threatening weather we were in the outdoor theater

We were introduced to Ana Rucner - and her cello

An officer of the ship

Anna - ready to take the stage

She is an accomplished cellist

And a performer






But then the sky opened up with thunder and lightning

Mother Nature's own entertainment. Ana kept right on singing in the rain.

Sunday, Sept. 11, 2016 Split, Croatia & AzAmazing Evening

The ship docked in Split. We had nothing planned today, so we got up a bit later and had breakfast in the stateroom. The Roman emperor, Diocletian built a great retirement palace here and the walls of this structure now hold an small city. We entered through one of the gates and wandered around searching for a highly recommended restaurant, the Olive Bar. After a while it appeared as if by magic and we sat down to a wonderful lunch.

While there were storm clouds gathering, the weather forecast made it out to be OK for the outdoor AzAmazing Evening. We were bussed to the Ivan Mestrovic Gallery where an outdoor venue was awaiting us. Mestrovic is a famous contemporary sculptor and the outdoor gallery is filled with his works.

Ana Rucner is a young cellist. Her cello is transparent and electric. She is a performer who has combined her musical talent with a stage presence equal to top celebrities on the concert circuit. Her first piece was from the Carl Orff Carmina Burana and had a visual background projected behind her on a giant screen. She continued on with many more pieces until a few drops of run began to fall. Then thunder struck and the sky opened as she kicked off her shoes and burst into the song “What a Feeling.” All the umbrellas that the 600 person audience had wisely brought opened to defend against the downpour. With Ana still singing in the rain, the concertgoers slowly exited the garden illuminated with flashes of lightning. It was a memorable evening.

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