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Cavalry Barracks 1874 Ft. Laramie

Post traders store 1849

Lt. Colonel's quarters 1884

Batchelor officers quarters 1849

Oregon trail ruts

Ruts cut into limestone hill

Register cliff


Probably recent graffiti

We are at Glendo Lake and the campground is great - gravel and wide and long sites.

We toured Fort Laramie. The first Fort Laramie was built in 1834 as a buffalo trading post on the Laramie river. Indian tribes traded buffalo robes for goods in the spring. In 1841 the first westward bound emigrants arrived and as the Oregon trail and California trails were established there was a need to supply and protect these homesteaders. The fort was occupied by the Army in 1849 and became a military post for the next 40 years. It was the first major supply stop for those on the Oregon trail after leaving St. Louis. Many of the buildings have been restored on their original sites and this would have been an impressive settlement for the Indians to contemplate. It was occupied by families so made life more bearable out on the plains. The post was abandoned in 1890 as the railroads had been completed at that time.

We then drove south of Guernsey. There is a very large National Guard complex for summer drills and a campground on a golf course next to it as well. There are Oregon trail ruts in both limestone cliffs as well as in the soil as there were 2 different routes through this area. Guernsey is about 1 days travel from Fort Laramie and the homesteaders stopped at Register Cliff the inscribe their names and dates for posterity. We did not go all the way on the rock and the original "graffiti" is most likely there, I did take a photo of the scratchings but those may be more recent. All of this is a very visual reminder of the history of westward expansion of this country.

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