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Love the old cars

Center of town

Need some mushrooms?

old building

Not alot of money available for up keeping buildings

There are a lot of cars ... But many people still get...

Just love how simple life feels here

Again, no money for roads

Ukraine in a day? Since we were somewhat close to the Ukraine, we decided to cross the border for a quick visit and spend the night. (Also just to say we've been in the Ukraine).

No pictures to show the crossing, but believe us when we say it was complicated and took a long time. All borders have line ups ... But this line moves so slow people park the car and pull out the picnic for lunch.

You first have to go thru the Hungarian border to get out. A million questions, car search, passports taken into another building ... Wait, wait, wait ... Finally they come out and you get thru.

But ... Not done yet ... Now you wait in the line to go through the Ukraine border and customs. Another wait, a zillion more questions, funny looks ... Passports scrutinized, more questions ... Then a nod and the gate goes up. Okay we're in. A neat experience!

We stayed at our friends sister's and enjoyed a nice dinner and tour of the town, Berehovo. Unfortunately this was a quick visit and we had to head out the next afternoon. We have to come back.

Berehovo or Beregovo is a city located in Zakarpattia Oblast (province) in western Ukraine, near the border with Hungary. Population is around 24,000 and is the cultural centre of the Hungarian ethnicity living in Ukraine. It was the capital of the Kingdom of Hungary's Bereg County until 1919 and between 1938–1944. From 1919 until 1938 it was part of Czechoslovakia.

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