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Colorado Skyline

Cousins Bob and Dave on the Furia side

Breckinridge Colorado

Woke up to a cloudy sky - in Nebraska you never know what you will get. We knew it was going to be a long drive, but never did I expect it to be this boring. It's one straight road - you go 75 miles a hour, and see nothing but fields everywhere. So thankful we got the Sirius XM Radio for this trip - it helps to pass the time. We made it into Colorado around 2:30 in the afternoon - that would be 4:30 your time. We went to see Dave's cousin Bob. He is his first cousin on his mother's side. Dave's mother and Bob's father were siblings. They are very warm and welcoming people. His wife is Ukraanian - she has the same birthday as me! Dave's cousin looks exactly like his Uncle Bob. Very scary in a weird way - I keep waiting for him to take off his shirt (family joke).

We walked around the town of Breckenridge. It is quaint, small town charm - and had a nice meal with them. If you ever want to go skiing in Colordo, I can hook you up. They have a place that is 5 minutes from the lift. It's a nice area, but I know it's not for us. First, I don't ski, and secondly, I think people walk a lot there and it's too hard to walk in CO - the air is thin, and it's almost 10,000 elev. Needless to say I got a headache immediately.

Tomorrow we are off to Durango. Hopefully the air will be better - but since the elevation is 6500 and 9300 in Silverton - I'm thinking it's going to be a repeat of today.

Until tomorrow....

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