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Coffee stop

A morning of lakes

Glorious Countryside


Three suspicious convicts?

The car museum


TV at the petrol pump

Robin filling up while watching

This was my second day in long trousers. It was very chilly when we left the hotel and 0°C was measured on a stretch of road where the trees were close on each side. Some of the open top cars had even put their rooves up. There was, however, some sunshine. It was a morning of lakes and we passed Flathead Lake, Swan Lake, Lake Alva, Lake Ivez, Seeley Lake and Salmon Lake. We thought some deer by the side of the road.

After the trees had cleared we passed through some and beautiful farmed countryside. We saw both horses and cows although the latter were in the majority.

We passed the cow in the picture without incident and went on to visit the Old Montana Museum including the old prison a car museum featuring American cars and two volkswagens and the local museum. Lunch was not a success: cold hot dogs.

After lunch the rain started but we have been very lucky so far and it stopped this evening. The forecast is better for tomorrow.

Bozeman is a small town with some old buildings and interesting shops. There is an important university. We chose a restaurant (excellent neighbourhood restaurant with good food and no fuss) but the taxi cost $17.50! so we walked the mile home. It was a lovely evening with the Hampsons.

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