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We had another busy day today, and it was 7:30 PM before we were able to don our comfy clothes (P.J.’s) and relax.

After sharing our coffee with Marilyn, as usual, I took my shower and dressed for work.

I was to lead a tour of the Cameron Cave, and the group of twelve students arrived early, which rarely happens. This was a really fine group of Junior and Senior students from a High School in Illinois.

Everyone enjoyed the tour including me and I was in no hurry for the tour to end. It was a pleasure to lead this group through the cave.

My work day was complete when that tour ended so I drove home, where Marilyn fixed some lunch and I changed clothing before driving out to the Garth Mansion to visit with John & Julie.

John was a classmate of “Sully” and they were in the same squadron at the Air Force Academy, so naturally we talked about the movie and flying in general. Once again, our time with these good friends was very enjoyable.

We arrived back at the RV ready for Jennifer and the grandkids to join us for a while. As we waited for them to arrive, there was a knock on the door.

When I answered the door it was a lady who was camped here with her husband and they needed some help with their RV, which they have owned only a few days. Fortunately I was able to resolve the problem for them and just as I was saying so long to these nice folks from Colorado, our daughter, Jennifer drove up and asked if I wanted a ride back to the RV.

I played football with Colby for a while and then left with Jennifer to take Lauren to her gymnastics class. Lauren had asked if I would go to watch her and I agreed. I could tell that she was happy that I was there.

Marilyn brought Colby to the dance studio so he could ride home with his Mom and Sister, and I joined Marilyn as we drove to the Mark Twain Dinette to grab a sandwich for dinner.

These small town diners usually have a group of men who are “regulars”. They like to sit together, tell stories, and laugh a lot, usually over endless cups of hot coffee.

In this particular restaurant, that table is called the “Hillary” table because it is for “Dedicated Liars”, or something like that. LOL

In any case that is the way our day went today.

Tomorrow our good friends from Texas arrive. Life is Good!

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