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Today started like every other day for the last 3 plus months. We were riding along and suddenly I noticed everything was white .. . . And frozen!! It was Winter!! All the stores were closed and the shop windows dark, the streets deserted. Wait a minute I shouted to Mike, what are we doing?? I thought the map ended in Bar Harbor!! Where are we going?? I am so confused!! . . .

And then I woke up.

After 3 months of snow, rain, hot, cold, humidity, mosquitoes, hills up and of course down, wrong turns and turns missed; it is not easy to just STOP! I dream about riding! Now that the thrill and the emotion of the exact moment of arrival has passed, now that applause has died down; what next?? We have the most amazing sense of accomplishment and enjoy the immense satisfaction of just having completed a 4,200 mile bike ride! It still really hasn't sunk in, we still look at each other, look out at Bar Harbor and can say we did it!! But it is so difficult to just not get up in the morning and ride, to not set the alarm or pack up something!! I genuinely miss it!! I see bicycles ride by and I long to be out there as well! It feels as I should be out there, jealousy overwhelms me!!!

I guess you could call it withdrawal.

We are having a wonderful time in Bar Harbor! Despite my whining and wandering, we have made several visits to Acadia National Park to fill ourselves with the beauty and wonder of this special park. The first day after our ride, we took our bikes to ride the famous carraige trails that lace thru the woods. They were designed with the inspiration of realizing life needed to be enjoyed at the pace of a horse and carriage. Even a hundred years ago, there was a need to remind people to slow down.

Today is your day!


So...Get on your way!

- Dr. Seuss

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