Elizabeth's Pilgrimage 2016 travel blog


The gift of rain

Boots to the fire

350 year old manor house

Guard dog at the inn

Gourmet dinner at the end

Art & balance everywhere

Peppers stuffed with seafood

Reminders of home

14.5 miles - in the rain. More later

Just finished another 13 miles ( Wednesday ) & will write up in next entry... Days blending together....

Learning to keep my thoughts on putting one foot in front of the other as you slosh thru rain & mud, moving aside for faster paced pilgrims, but still noticing the beauty of path side trees covered with moss, ferns reaching for the rain, ancient churches weighted with prayers.

Things I am grateful for with every step: my rain pants & goretex hikers, my rain coat from Bob & Ems, my silk liner socks Eric told me about at the last minute, my water purifier from Trav & Lauren ( not needed yet but giving me comfort), my Nike shirt from Peg, my friend Teresa reminding me to " stand up straight" bc my back doesn't hurt from carrying a pack, my new music selections from kind family, yoga & stretching warm ups from Kim & Kara, .... The local pub at the end of the trek, and all the prayers from all my walking stick friends.....................

and a gourmet dinner tonite at our lodging named best Spanish rural restaurant by Mario Vitale who did a tv show here last year.❤️

A typical sign in local pubs, as translated by my fluent friend: it's a beautiful day but just wait long enough and someone will be by to mess it up" !

Things I need to learn: how to properly use European toilets ( lots of variation here ), how to converse before at least 3 cups of coffee, how to pack an even smaller bag...)

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