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We slept great last night. Marilyn told me this morning that she thought I might dream about flying after seeing the movie, “Sully”.

That was a super good movie but I didn’t dream about anything I can remember.

We sat together outdoors, sipping our coffee and then Marilyn fixed some breakfast before I had to leave for work. Another school group was touring the cave today and I led a tour at 10:45.

It was lunch time when I returned home so I changed clothes, ate a ham sandwich, and left again. This time I was headed into town for a haircut.

I had time to get cleaned up and relax for a few minutes before we drove off again, this time headed to Palmyra to watch Colby’s football team practice. They play a home game next Saturday against Bowling Green, and we’ll be there to watch of course.

It was nearly 7:00 PM by the time we were back at the RV for the evening. Marilyn fixed a light dinner and we sat down to watch “America’s Got Talent” Finale on TV.

Our friends from Texas are on the way here to see us and will arrive on Thursday. We look forward to their visit for sure.

I did receive another small royalty check today. This one was from Barnes & Noble. My book continues to attract some interest but it is slow mover in sales because I have no way to advertise it other than “word of mouth” from my readers.

I usually end my blog with the words “Life is Good” and I have to say that Life has been very good to me. God continues to bless us in out life and so I absolutely must say it once again: Life is Good!

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