Elizabeth's Pilgrimage 2016 travel blog

Cat in morning sun by stone wall greeting pilgrims

" typical" cafe along Way

Bagpiper playing Galithian music in middle of a pine & eucalyptus forest!

Romanesque church, 1,000 years old with baptismal font outside

Galithian Cemetery surrounding this church

Church Plaque- Our Lady of the Blacksmiths is what my friend tells...

Stone bench made by a Galithian gratefully to be back from WWI

Nearing Portomarin, Reservoir in distance

Stairs up to Portomarin

Beautiful day on the Camino, but maybe the last good weather for awhile. 13.5 miles so far today and rain a certainty for tomorrow they tell us.

The " typical" cafe is a misnomer- some look like hippy communes, some have gypsies outside pretending to be deaf & asking for money so their partner can steal from you, some are charming little village places with balconies overflowing with flowers, some are modern cafes & pubs, some are just tables of fruit & water set up by kind people for pilgrims.

" sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof..." - bible verse cross stitched by Clinton's mother. With blue skies, soft breezes, great walking companions and really cute bagpipe players along the Way, the only evil of the day is my bad toe.... So - all good.

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