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The last camping pack up!! The last time . .. .

Getting closer . . . .

The Official Bar Harbor sign!

And here we Are. 4,200 miles to Bar Harbor and the Atlantic...

Sealed with a kiss . . .

Official Atlantic foot wetting ceremony . . . We have reached our...

This is it!! This is the day!!

Started the day as usual, trying to beat the rain!! Really??? We got lucky last night and it was only a passing shower, so now do we really have to look forward to our last day riding in the rain?? We packed up, but everything we did, in my head was preceded by "well this is the last time I will wake up in the tent!" "Well this is the last time I will stuff my sleeping bag into the stuff sack!" Well, this is the last time . . . " you get the picture!! I wanted to be sad and poke along, make it all last as long as possible but Mike was watching the radar so I stopped dilly-dallying and got ready. I must admit, I did not want to ride into our destination in a downpour! Even I could see we were very likely to get that rain!! We read into Barbie the KOA manager and now friend as we left and even she said, yep it looks like we are going to get some today!! The area is very dry and desperately waiting for rain, but can you wait one more day????? PLEASE???????

We only have 12 short (rolling) miles to our destination and the photo I have been composing in my head for a week! We "got on our bikes for the last time" and headed off! It did not take long at all and we saw signs welcoming us to Bar Harbor. The emotions started to swell inside of me and we slowed to a crawl as we worked our way into the downtown area. It was jammed full with cars and pedestrians and holiday makers like ourselves! As we rolled in looking both ways and so close to the pedestrians, we could see their eyes and hear their conversations, I just wanted to shout!!!! YES WE MADE IT, WE JUST RODE 4,200 MILES AND WE MADE IT!!! Tears were clouding my eyes, and I had a huge lump in my throat as the water was suddenly in front of us!! We were here!! Coast to Coast!!! The rain co-operated and we rode all the way to the shore!

The only way we could get close to the water was to go down a long concrete ramp, and we had to ask someone to take our picture! There was a group of 6 standing right where we wanted to be, so we asked.

We told them what we had just done, we JUST finished this big bicycle trip and they asked "JUST FINISHED??" And we said yes, JUST finished, right this very minute!! They all broke out into a round of applause and hearty congratulations which of course drew the attention of other bystanders and before we knew it everyone was around and it was just so freakin' awesome!! What a way to finish!! Not alone but surrounded by yet another example of what we have enjoyed the whole way. The sincerity and kindness of others and a genuine desire to share in the goodness that exits in the world!!

It was so much fun!! We got our photos, talked for a long time to lots more people!!

And there it was . . . The very moment of arrival is now a memory. A sense of accomplishment and reason to celebrate!

We want to thank all of our wonderful family and friends that have supported us all along the way, been constant company and a source of prayers and encouragement! It would not have been the same without you!

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