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St James the apostle

St James " the moor slayer"

Reflective brook

On the road to Sarria

Walking ( and thinking) below the surface

View from my bedroom at Sarria

Pig cheeks in sauce

September 11 -

St James is represented on the Camino both as the disciple and pilgrim of Christ's way, and as the ferocious " moor slayer" as his " bones" were discovered here in Galithia just in time to rally the locals against invading Moors. Legend has it that he slayed thousands in battle... Which was he? I think this depends on what you are looking for....

Another long but good day on the Camino with perfect weather... Calves aching & toe hurting, but enjoyed a massage and now sitting on a stone bench looking over a beautiful pastoral, quiet landscape with glass of wine. Sun still high at 7:15. Magical portions of the road today, some so ancient the road lies 8 feet below the shoulder.

One of our group is a retired jersey cop who went to help at 9/11... Going to ask him at dinner what his thoughts are today.....I convinced him to order pig cheeks for dinner but I don't think he was too impressed....

Two little French ladies in their late seventies showed me their magic tape and their toes- all completely swaddled! I'm getting used to chickens ... They are at every little bar & hangout along the way, and I'm too tired when I sit down to rearrange socks to jump & run. I just flick my socks at them...

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