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Aspen trees are changing color

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Flowers by the roadside

Arizona on the way back to Utah

One last trip before we head home....Grand Canyon North Rim!

Leaving Utah, we headed into Arizona going to the Grand Canyon North Rim. I dreaded the ride but found it to be so beautiful that the ride was well worth it. As we traveled out of Utah the first thing we noticed as we immediately crossed into Arizona, there was a liquor store. As you may be aware Mormons do not drink stimulants. There are liquor stores in Utah but they are state owned and far between.

The trip was through a desolate area but so stark and beautiful and flat. Then we started up a mountain again headed to the north rim. As we approached the north rim and were over 8,000 feet the cold snap had triggered the change of the color of the aspens. We were greeted by meadows of aspen trees in shades of colors of gold. The leaves quivered as the winds blew and you could feel fall in the air.

As you enter the Park, the road winds back through beautiful trees. Reaching the main area there are cabins and a lodge as well as gift shop, visitor center, and a bar which kind of surprised us. The day was overcast which I thought made it even more beautiful. The canyon, again I say, was magnificent, awesome, impressive, beautiful and unlike anything else I've seen up here. (I still need a thesaurus) Considering that the south rim is busier than the north, I better never go there. People swarmed off of a tour bus and over the lobby and I was hungry so had a slight fit. Carol and Gracie knew enough to back off and leave me alone. She thought I might pull a Thelma and Louise but She wasn't that lucky. In the lobby there is a bronzed donkey, a real one, commemorating The donkeys work in The canyon. Gracie paid homage by licking The donkeys foot. There was a huge atrium with massive windows and leather chairs to listen to a ranger program and look at the canyon. We sat on The terrace over looking the canyon a short time. Then to assuage my hunger, we went into The lodge to eat. After eating at the lodge, we headed back to Utah along the scenic drive. I saw a bear. I need to get my eyes checked, darn it. Carol pointed out that it was a burnt stump. In a meadow to the side of the road, we passed a herd of bison all laying down.

The road down and back to Utah was as delightful as going up.

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