Julie and Eric visit Central France travel blog

The drive into paris was horrid. The traffic was bad for a solid hour and we could not wait to get rid of the car.

We had booked a room at the airport sheraton since i had understood saturday morning departures out of cdg to require four hours advance arrival. I'm glad we did but didnt find the airport to be that crowded.

Because we stayed at the airport we were able to enjoy a leisurely morning including an hour at the nicest airport lounge i've seen -- the admiral's club in terminal 2a was spotlessly clean and it had a nice buffet breakfast. Good coffee and we improvised a mimosa from some french brut and oj. (Rough life, right?)

Lessons learned from the trip:

* good pacing, not too hectic works for us

* not all big cities are alike. We wished we had more time in paris and will definitely visit again

* driving in foreign countries is not easy. I doubt we will do that again for some time.

* i can flounder my way through a country where i don't know the language if i attempt to speak, and mind local manners.

* eric is the king of manual transmission driving.

* the opportunity to get closer to french wine growing was a worthwhile education that will help every time i go to binny's.

* how blessed i am to have a spouse that loves travel as much as i do!

I decided that our next trip:

* needed to be sooner than two years from now

* not reliant on car rental

* where i could work on my language skills and have odds of not sounding ridiculous.

we are thinking barcelona and madrid -- maybe next spring!

We board in an hour and will be stateside in 9 hours.

Merci. Au revoir.

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