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Lobster served everywhere!! Welcome to Maine!

Crossing the bridge at Wiscasset , this is the shot of tranquility...

or was it this one??

Damariscotta, Maine

Damariscotta, Maine

New friends met today on day three of their Bar Harbor Key...

Autum is starting to happen as revealed by this beautiful tree!!

The fog lends such wonderful mystery as we stroll by the waters...

Color and mystery

a schooner waiting patiently for the next cruise

Somehow the fog doesn't feel like a bad thing here in Maine,...

I just love taking pictures in the fog!

The Bookstore Barn

The Blue Grass Jam. the 3 people facing us are the host...


I wasn't going to write tonight, but I can't help myself, it has been such a great day! What better way to start a great day than with a great breakfast??? It may seem that much effort goes into the description of the food we have been lucky enough to enjoy, but it is so important in this journey to find the right sort of nourishment and if it just so happens that the nourishment is found in something so delicious it could almost be described as art . .. Well all the better!

Our little motel in Wiscasset was so comfy nestled in and mostly hidden in the 8 acres of woods on the property even tho we were on a busy tourist route. We knew breakfast was included, and there was a hint of how special it could potentially be when we were welcomed at our afternoon arrival with fresh homemade muffins! The promise of "good" coffee waiting for us at 6am held my attention and we were ready for breakfast at 7am straight up this morning! It was everything I imagined and more! Our lovely hosts recently took over this little piece of heaven and in the varied talents they possess between the two of them , one is a gourmet cook! We had a buffet line of not "good" coffee but EXCELLENT coffe, REAL egg frittata, slices of ham thicker than even I would serve at a holiday meal, and REAL ham, home fries made from real potatoes,freshly sliced fruit, a selection of homemade muffins and coffee cake, oatmeal, cereal, and all the other usual stuff. when I say real, I mean fresh and not the instant microwave reheated food that even the best "breakfast included" hotels have! It was wonderful! Of course I had to engage our hostess in charming conversation for at least 30 minutes! They moved from Montana to the East to be Inn Keepers! It usually the other way around, people move from the crowded east to the wide open spaces of the west. It took me a long time to tear myself away from the conversation and the good coffee. It is always interesting to me how sometimes I feel so drawn to and connected to a place and this was one of them! Didn't want to leave! But then I am sure they really didn't want me hanging around, so after delaying and dawdling (and 3 cups of coffee!) we got on the road.

More fog I am sorry to say. We crossed the bridge at Wiscasset early this morning and it was so still and quiet on the water. We were on the road in a bicycle lane to cross the bridge and a perfect Kodak moment passed me by!! Too many times I have regretted not stopping, time to fix that! I obviously could not stop in the lane of traffic, so to get the photo that was already etched in my head, I parked my bike, and Mike, at the end of the bridge and ran back across to get the shot! I think it was worth it!! Lesson learned, all bridge crossings will now be done on the sidewalk! . . Just in case!

After leaving the tranquility of Wiscasset behind we had to continue on Hwy 1, very busy even early in the morning,(although since I kept dragging my feet leaving the motel and running back to take pictures, it wasn't that early any more!). We have never regretted the money invested in our flashing headlights and tail lights. Especially on a day like today with the gray dimness of low clouds, there is plenty of warning for cars approaching in either direction and it does make me feel so much safer! Cars whizzing by, shoulder doing its usual disappearing act varying from generous and wide to simply a white line at the very edge of the road! We did get a break about 20 miles into the day as our route took us off the main road and in thru the gorgeous villages at the waters edge and the woods in between. Damariscotta was the first village. Now we are getting into the picturesque East coast scenes that meet my imagination!!! Too bad it is gray and foggy, but that certainly adds a real charm in many ways. Would love to stop and explore each area but just can't. We do slow down to a crawl speed as we go thru town, twisting and turning heads to try and see it all! And maybe those giant hills may slow us down a bit too! How is it every town requires a huge uphill effort??

Getting back on the smaller roads to me was such a relief, to Mike not so much! He prefers the longer grades on the state roads. It was a balanced combination of both conditions today. The fog and gray hung around all day even after the weatherman promised the sun would win out and the temperature would warm up.

We met an awesome couple this morning just starting their trip! Sue and Tom were on day 3 of their Bar Harbor to Key West ride. We have not seen other cyclists for I don't know how long now! We felt as if we were alone out here!! It was very exciting to not only see them but be able to share stories with them and be the "experienced" ones! I was thinking only yesterday how fun it was in the beginning to say "yes this is day 3 and we have 4,ooo more miles to go"! People were so encouraging at our ambitious goal! Now we can say "Yes, we have come 4,200 miles from the west coast" and they are still encouraging and congratulatory on how far we have come!

Tom and Sue, we wish you a safe journey and hope you have as much fun as we do! Thanks for sharing such a fun snack break!

Another 20 miles to our destination! The sun refuses to come out and shine today and the temperatures did not improve much! In fact as we got within several miles of Rockport and closer to the water, the fog got thicker and closer to the ground! It was all very strange as we went downhill into the fog and chill!

We found our warmshowers host house and met our gracious host family! This is such fun! What an incredible, talented family they are! As a family mom, dad and daughter are a musical and entertainment group that sings Blue Grass! Dad is an EMT, mom an aritist, and daughter a writer/song writer!! And they all play multiple instruments and sing! We were lucky enough to join them at the Blue Grass Jam they hold in the local bookstore/barn. Mike and I walked the short half mile past the harbor breathing in the salty, lobster flavored damp air, in the dense fog that rolled in for our arrival and found our way to the barn for the few hours of Blue Grass Jammin' and Pickin'. It was like the Luckenbach of Maine!! Being in a barn that double as a bookstore, we were surrounded by shelves of inviting books of every topic!! Sensory overload!! There is something about books, I have to touch them and hold them!! My list of books that I totally plan on reading just doubled!! When I say that this all took place in a barn, it isn't quite the setting you may have conjured up, it is a perfect barn with fresh white paint, right in the middle of "town" squeezed in between perfect whites houses that are so big, I can't even imagine what someone does with all that room and they were probably all built in the 1800's and they rise up straight from the sidewalks as if they were sheer rock faces rising out of the earth! Beautiful and poetic! And all of it, overlooking the harbor!! Perfect!

Quite a day, would you agree?? Who needs sunshine and perfect weather to make a day memorable??

We are all tucked up in an R-Pod for the evening! A private little sleeping cave for us as cyclists, offered by our generous warmshowers host family. The warmshowers organization we were introduced to just before we left has been a bonus on this trip! People who volunteer even the smallest comfort to bicycle travelers make such a difference, the addition of friendship and kindness create a lifetime memory.

Goodnight everyone!! Thanks for dropping in and keeping up with us!!

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