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So excited about the Italy trip.

Flying across the Atlantic

Amsterdam Airport

Our drive from the airport to Venice

The causeway is shared by train and car

The long straight road to Venice

Help with our luggage

A welcome capuchino at the hotel

Sept 6, 2016 Traveling to Venice

Our Delta flight is scheduled for 1PM, so there was no rush to get going too early today. We even had our last cup of our special coffee blend (of course there is NO coffee in Italy!!).

The flight left right on time and we were off on our adventure. We flew to Detroit for an early evening connection to Amsterdam where we would land in the morning. The planned dinner meal was a bit delayed by heavy turbulence caused by the recent hurricane that was still wandering around the northeast coast of the US. After clearing Hermine, the flight was smooth. We did not get much sleep (as usual) and watched movies on the vastly improved individual monitors on this Air Bus 330. Anne watched Casablanca - the photography in B&W is marvelous. Tom noted the use of the Bausch & Lomb soft focus Baltar lens which was used in many of the Ingrid Bergman closeups. Anne also watched as well as the award-winning “Spotlight”.

The Amsterdam airport was a bit confusing. We cam in on the international wing which is actually located on the first floor of the building. The “domestic” part (all of Europe) is on the second floor. To get to the part of the building we had to go through passport control. After we thought it out we could see the logic in this arrangement, but nowhere did we see any signage explaining this. Guess it’s one of those, “everybody knows” things. We had a four hour layover, so there was no problem when we figured it out.

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