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Market day in Sarlat

More market time

Charming streets of Sarlat

Grocery cart system

Castle in Beynac

Market haul--including olives, but not the eclair I already ate

view from Domme

Gate to the town of Domme--one at a time!

This Morgan would be fun to cruise around in

Home sweet home

September 7-8

Vacation in the Dordogne

Wednesday brought one more market day in Sarlat. I remember when our tour group was here, the leader had us draw slips of paper with different foods on them, and sent us shopping. Then we had an incredible picnic with all the items. What a feast!

As in Cassis, I made an effort to find a good parking lot close to the market. Thanks to the GPS, I found it, and the sign said it was ‘libre’, so I took a ticket and went in. I cruised around looking for a place, but the possibilities were awfully narrow for my parking skills! I eventually lucked out and spotted shoppers returning to their car. Fortunately they were driving a larger Peugeot, so it was easy parking. Someone coming from the other direction thought they were going to get lucky, but I was victorioius (thanks to the maneuvering of the Peugeot driver with whom I had shared enthusiastic hand signals.)

The market was great, and featured specialties of of the area. Lots of foix gras (goose liver pate), and also duck things, which didn’t tempt me. I did get a couple of kinds of olives, strawberries, spice cake, and a walnut tart (walnuts also being a speciality). I also got a chocolate eclair, and had a galette for lunch. That is a crepe with buckwheat that is used for savory vs sweet. I had ham and cheese, not exotic, but very tasty. The market closes up about 1:00, so I headed out, making a stop at the Casino supermarket to stock my kitchen. I tried not to buy too much stuff!

I like the grocery cart system; you put a Euro coin in the slot to unlock the cart, then when you return it, the little gizmo on the next card is inserted and you get your coin back. No stray carts clogging up parking spaces! See photo.

At home I relaxed for a while in the heat of the day. My place is not a B&B, but a ‘gite’. These are very popular in France for holidays. People will convert extra space (like the former barn) into little apartments for vacationers. This one has five, plus a couple of very large tents. Lots of entertainment with the pool, volleyball net, trampoline, swings, etc. Each place has a patio with a shade canopy/curtains and a table and chairs. It is awfully easy to kick back and relax.

In the late afternoon, I headed out for Domme, another nearby hilltop village with amazing views. Between the hilltop villages and the riverside ones, there is no lack of charming views.

More exploring tomorrow!

Thursday dawned with a significant weather change; overcast skies and cooler temperatures! There was even evidence of a little rain. While I miss the blue sky, it is nice to have a little break temperature wise. I headed out for a drive, but decided I would do something I hadn’t done before on a European trip (than I can remember), relax and enjoy my lodgings, maybe even take a little nap. I had the groceries for my meals, so I just played house for the day. It was very nice. I am doing this posting from the outdoor table under my awning. The clouds have lifted and it is lovely with a little breeze--and only up to 81 today! Enough lollygagging, I need to get back in tourist mode tomorrow--at least a little bit!

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