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Another dreary, drizzly day in Maine

A bicycle trail starting outside of Brunswick, MA

The waterfront at Brusnwick Maine

The trail was very beautiful

BBQ lunch at Beal Street in Bath, Maine

Old road and railroad bridge crossing The Kennebec River


Sept 6

I will combine two days here because they were both so similar in the events. Actually, they were both just days of dreary, drizzling, cool weather. Not take many photos because we were on the hills, on the back roads, closed in by trees and focusing on the road. The road surface in many places reminds me of elephant skin. Gray, wrinkled and lumpy! No shoulder, well actually no predictable or reliable shoulder on the Maine roads, it phases in and out. Sometimes the road surface is nice and we can live without a shoulder, especially on the peaceful back roads, but then the road crumbles and heaves and the surface opens up ready to grab your wheel and still there is no shoulder, that is when you have to really focus on what is ahead of you! It can be exhausting! Today, I think maybe Mike did not get a good night's sleep and in the morning we chose to do a short ride to the next town to have some breakfast. Only problem is the town we planned for, offered nothing in the way of food, so we carried on for 20 miles before we found a cafe! Mind you, we had enough to food that we keep in our bags, we could have stopped anywhere and enjoyed some nourishment, but the thought of a small cafe with great cup coffee was very appealing so we rode. By time we found Beth's cafe in Bridgton, we were pretty hungry!! Not hungry enough that we couldn't stop and chat with Walter and Roger!! People, I just love people!! Such nice guys and now we are hearing the Maine accents! They assured us that Beth's Cafe, whose parking lot we were standing in had great food and we could get our fill and boy were they right! Such great food and a real local spot! Got our fill, probably a little too filled for one of us(?) and off we rode.

We are starting to get into many lakes and lakeside towns, so quaint and charming and a real New England feel! Love it! We want to stop at all of them! Many are closed already, some just very quiet after the boom of business and final filing of Labor Day Weekend. We rode thru the hills and forests, thru the drizzle and non drizzle of the day and finally ended our day in Danville, ME. With the weather the way it was, a nice dry room sounded so much simpler than dealing with a wet tent!! Of course, as soon as we checked in the sun came out. Darn it! And we were sort of not near anything interesting so we used the evening to order Chinese delivery and relax!

As much as I don't want to do this, we need to start making some plans for the end of this fantastic journey! To be practical, plane reservations need to be made, transportation of the bikes have to be arranged and all sorts of things! Trying to figure out what day we will actually make it to Bar Harbor and find a perfect beach side cabin to enjoy our destination for a few days and enjoy the area!! so that is how we spent our night!!

Sept 7 - The fog rolled in again last night and is still hanging in the air! Not so much drizzle this today. The rain is not from the hurricane Hermine, at least I don't think so, it isn't really rain, but just drizzle and clouds from local weather and humidity! That in between temperature that is not hot or cold, so a jacket makes you sweat like crazy going up the hills and keeps you just right flying down the other side! And humid!

I think Mike is more refreshed this morning, we are back to our normal selves doing the ups and downs with no real issue. We take our time and it works out well that the exhilaration and speed of going down just seem to be enough get you up the next up! We could do that all day!

Rode thru the college town of Brunswick, home to Bowdoin College, a college town is always exciting! Just on the edge of Brunswick we stopped for a Kodak moment. A local ranger just happened to mention that a bridge was out and had we heard about it, by mentioning that he saved us several miles of back tracking. If he had not warned us, we would have ventured down the route and had to turn around and go back. That never makes for a good story! The last time we try to navigate thru a detour we picked mud out of our cleats for hours and had to powerhouse the mud off our bikes!! We took his advice and took the long route! Not before we had a whole hour of entertaining chat with Anna, a most helpful, cheerful runner who stopped to find out all about the trip! Such fun and my favorite part of the day! Anna if you are reading this, please come visit in Texas!!

By lunchtime the sun was finally starting to poke thru the clouds and we stopped in Bath for a bit of lunch, actually it was the smell of the BBQ that decided that one!! Doesn't everyone go to Maine to have BBQ?? We have not had lobster yet!

We are in Wiscasett, Maine. Such a pretty little place! It is going to be such a beautiful ride! Well, let's hope! We have to do a short stint on Hwy 1, and that is probably the busiest road we have seen yet! Constant traffic, both directions and nerve-wracking. For me anyhow. But we will get off of it up the road a bit.

We have mapped the last 3 days out. Looks like our timing really sucks, we will arrive Bar Harbor on a weekend and we want to be there midweek!! The weekend is going to increase traffic and fill up the campgrounds and hotels. Actually, no hotels, just elegant B&B's!! We got lots of great local information and advice from Judy, the sweetest shop owner!! And she gave us two free cookies!! Judy is one of those beautiful people that helps everyone! She doesn' t believe anyone should be hungry and happily helps those that can't even afford a cup of coffee.

Well that's all from me tonight!! Hope no one is getting bored! We are so close to the final destination! I still can't believe it! It is over 4,000 miles!! The reaction of people we met in the beginning when we could only tell them how far we planned to go is different from those when we can tell them how far we HAVE come!! I love it all!

Good night!

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