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Our day began with more of the hot and steamy weather.

That weather was cause enough for Marilyn & I to share our coffee indoors with the A/C running.

Marilyn did get out for a walk in the heat while I took care of business, mainly on the phone.

We were driving to Palmyra to pick up our grandkids from school but we stopped by the office to check on my work schedule for guiding tours. It looks as if my first tours will be on Friday, day after tomorrow, and I will be working five days a week as long as they have groups coming through the caves.

If there are no groups, then I probably won’t be needed very much.

In Palmyra we waited about 30 minutes for the kids to be released from school, and then we drove into town to fill the car with fuel and to pick up some Gatorade for the kids.

We drove the kids home where they were anxious to show us the new kittens. Colby had some reading homework so I sat with him helping him with strange words like Mardi Gras. By the way did you know that the first Mardi Gras in the US was in Alabama and not in New Orleans, LA.

Jennifer arrived home after she was finished with her work day.

The kids played and we all ate a sandwich before heading back into town. Colby had football practice in Palmyra while Lauren had gymnastics class in Hannibal.

I stayed with Colby until well after Steve arrived. So we visited while watching Colby until I finally left to start home.

Marilyn was with Jennifer as they took Lauren to her class.

I met them at the McDonald's parking lot and then Marilyn rode home with me.

Now we are relaxed and watching some TV.

Life is Good!

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